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We want to hear from you!  See what our current and past customers have to say about their experience with ordering from Mountain Cat Candle Co.  Our goal is to provide the best scented soy candles, package them with extra care and deliver them to you on time (or early if we can)!
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I am so pleased with these melts. I ordered 3 different scents. They are clean and not at all overpowering. Love love the Vanilla and Cinnamon!

Love it! Excellent gifts for my friends and for myself.

My favorite candles!

I love the Spring scent so much. I got one of the smaller ones but it still fills my whole front room in no time and leaves a really nice bright aroma for a long time after being blown out. I can’t wait for my next one.

Great product, fast shipping, couldn't ask for more.


10/10 world recommend

I received one of these candles for christmas and was immediately obsessed with the scent. I have only received one month so far for the subscription but this candle is equally amazing. Can't wait for more!

Love it!

We have gotten two months of our candle subscriptions so far and are loving the scents! First was a Christmas Tree candle, which smelled just like the real thing! Our second candle was a cinnamon scent - which I usually don’t like because other candles use a very strong artificial smelling cinnamon. Mountain Cat’s cinnamon candle smelled like real cinnamon rolls - sweet and warm like the real thing. Both filled the house with their smell, but were not overwhelming. We are looking forward to the next candle!

Well-rounded fragrance, good throw

I really enjoyed burning this scent, it's fruity/citrus and just right on the scent throw when burning. Really enjoy this one for end of winter/early spring scent. Will be repurchasing when I burn through my current candle!

Lasts longest

Mountain Cat candles last longer than any other candle. The scents are unique and hearty! We love that the candles are soy and burn completely!

These are the best candles! Will order more. Danielle was more than accommodating.

Wonderful candles, perfect gifts!

I received a Mountain Cat Candle Co. candle as a gift from a close friend, absolutely loved it, and purchased another for myself, one for my mother for her birthday, and one for a college buddy as a congratulatory gift. Both my mid-50s mother and my early-20s friend loved their candles, and if that isn't a testament to the quality and broad appeal of Mountain Cat Candle Company's candles I don't know what is! Looking forward to buying more in the future. :)

First Snow

I love this sent. Not overpowering and has a sweet and smoky aroma. One of my new favs!

Family favorite

Our teen daughter bought this at a craft sale, and we keep replenishing it. The entire family enjoys it, and we have a lot of sensitive noses.
Evening Bonfire is a relaxing and comforting smell. On cold, still, frosty nights, we would go cross-country skiing in the northwoods. On the last cold-crunch stretch, we could catch the cozy scent of the lodge’s piney, crackly, woodsmoke fire and feel like we had come home. This candle has that scent—not overpoweringly smoky, just the clear and cozy and crackly scent of a little log fire in a cabin in the woods.

Wonderful Gift

Gave as a gift and was so appreciated. It was really enjoyed especially the lasting fragrance.


Gave the candle as a gift. They called me and said what a great gift and enjoyed the candle so much. Said the fragrance lasted forever.

Great candles

I bought 4 candles in different scents. They all smell excellent and burn well. Highly recommended.

Personal Touch

Great friendly service but the candels are fantastic!

This is my favorite pine scented candle ever. It smells exactly like a fresh cut Christmas tree.


Bought this as a gift- recipient loved it. I’m so impressed with this company and will be back for more. You can tell they value what they do!


Candle looks and smells great. The details are indicative of that personal touch you won’t find from large corporations.

Great Gift

My mother and sister-in law received the Rocky Mountain Holiday honey pot for Christmas and we’re blown away. They loved the scent and will be coming back for more.


I love this can be bought all year round! A really cozy scent!!

Warm and Smoky

Absolute most favorite scent! I love the rustic smell, its so warm and cozy and has a hint of the tobacco smoke I personally love. Almost like cigar or pipe tobacco while drinking good.

Relaxing Whisky sipping smell

Love the rustic scent this brings to my home. It makes you wanna kick off your shoes, get comfy and sip on some whisky by the fire. One of our family favorites.

Fantastic Quality

One of the best and warmest fragrances they carry! It will quickly become a new favorite.

Amazing Quality

No doubt the best candles out there! I love that they're a local business and quality ingredients. The candles are extremely fragrant and fill an entire area. They burn evenly and the mason jars are really cute. In my opinion Mountain Cat Candles are a notches above Yankee Candle! Im a forever customer :)

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